Woodcutting is one of the several essential Crafting skills in Life Forge that players will be using to craft their gear.

Tier Tier Name Level


In-game Icon Tree Graphic
1 Oak 1
Oak Log
2 Moonwidow 3
Moonwidow log
3 Dunepetal 8
Dunepetal Log
4 Delga 12
Delga log
5 Firefly 20
Firefly Log-0
Firefly Tree

Higher tier trees have more HP than the last, so it is recommend players upgrade the tier they use for their hatchets in order to cut them faster.

  • Bronze Hatchet: -5 HP
  • Iron Hatchet: -7 HP
  • Dunestone Hatchet: -10 HP
  • Biosteel Hatchet: -14 HP

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