List of enemies and their corresponding Topaz effectiveness as of 4/7/17.

Topaz's can be bought at a vendor in Armistan. Except for the dark topaz which is a drop from the Forgotten Horseman.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz
Effective Against
Duskin Golem

Duskin Cyclops

Earth Elemental


Delga Bat

Venomous Spindleback

Nightmare Thresh

Tribal Fighter

Tribal Archer

Tribal Witchdoctor

Tribal Warlord

Silver Topaz

Effective Against
Delga Tangleroot

Delga Slime

Delga Thresh

Jungle Shroomstrider

Tribal Guardian

Red Topaz

Red topaz
Effective Against
Duskin Devil

Desert Mimic

King Marken

Green Topaz

Effective Against

Dark Topaz

Effective Against

Enemies that have no effectiveness as of yet.

  • Mouseling Grunt
  • Green Slime
  • Grass snake
  • Fungoid
  • Crimson Raptor
  • Mountain Boar
  • Ironstar Bat
  • Ironstar Spindleback
  • Ironstar Tortug
  • Ironstar Golem
  • Ironstar Minotaur
  • Desert Scorpion
  • Desert Helios
  • Desert Tortug
  • Cactreant
  • Desert Roc
  • Ancient Spirit
  • Forgotten Horseman
  • Duskin Skeleton

The upgrade to the topaz is the emerald which are obtained from a shopkeeper in Ezera. Except for the Dark Emerald which is obtained from killing Borg the Shadow. The Gorgon Topaz does not provide any effectivity.