Pyramid Edit

The Pyramid is found by talking to the Ember Knight at the Inn in Armistin. Once a player talks to him he will give them the choice of warping to it.

Players must be Level 30 before they can enter.

To reach the final floor of the Pyramid, each player must activate the following switches in the correct order:

  1. Purple 1
  2. Red 2
  3. Red 1
  4. Purple 2
  5. Yellow 2
  6. Yellow 1
  7. Pink 1
  8. Pink 2
  9. Green 2
  10. Blue 2
  11. Green 1
  12. Blue 1
  13. Purple Circle
  14. Red Circle
  15. DarkBlue 1
  16. Lime 2
  17. DarkBlue 2
  18. Lime 1

The final four switches are found after traveling through a secret passage north of a room with a ladder.

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