Throughout the play through of Life Forge adventurers will come across various types of mounts that will enhance their game play. Typically the first mount most will come across is the basic Farm Horse which is purchased from the Horse Salesman just east of Gandor. The only variable between the different horses is their health and speed; the faster the mount, the less amount of health.

Speed 1: 2.35 Seconds Ø to cross 10 Blocks

Speed 2: 2.3 Seconds Ø to cross 10 Blocks

Speed 3: 2 Seconds Ø to cross 10 Blocks


Name Speed Health Member


Farm Horse 1 200 No
White Horse 2 300 No
Brown Horse 2 300 No
Dark Horse 2 300 No
Green Raptor 2 1050 No
Desert Roc 3 800 No
Top Hat Raptor 4 1500 Yes
Nova Phoenix 4 1500 Yes
Phantom Roc ?? 1500 Yes
Blood Dino 3 2150 No
Rootling ?? 1750 Yes
Snow Wolf 4 2000 Yes
Blood Wolf 4 2000 No
Firefly Stag (Mount) 2 3500 No
Darkroot 1750
Blue Raptor 2050
Frost Hydra 2700
Frostback Penguin (Mount) 2400
Blood Bat
Balefire Phoenix 2500
Vampire Bat 1700
Green Toad

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