There are many hostile NPCs found around the realm of Life Forge, and those beasts are referred to as Monsters. These Monsters can be categorized into two sections; Neutral and Aggressive. Neutral Monsters are just that, they will not automatically start attacking for no reason. While Neutral Monsters will leave someone be, Aggressive are quite the opposite as they will target them once they come within a certain tile distance of them.

Neutral Monsters

April 15, 2017

Name Level Experience Location
Mouse lvl 1 Crescent Cove
Chicken lvl 1 Crescent Cove
Seafaring Turtle lvl 1 +10 exp Shoreline
Seafaring Crab lvl 3 +30 exp Shoreline
Hornet lvl 3 +35 exp Gandor Forest
Green Slime lvl 5 +50 exp Gandor Forest
Grass Snake lvl 7 +70 exp Gandor Forest
Mountain Boar lvl 13 +175 exp Ironstar Mountain
Ironstar Tortug lvl 15 +255 exp Ironstar Mountain
Desert Tortug lvl 25 +500 exp Duskin Desert
Jungle Shroomstrider lvl 35 +1,250 exp Delga Jungle
Aggressive Monsters

April 15, 2017

Name Level Experience Location
Mouseling Grunt lvl 6 +60 exp Gandor Forest
Fungoid lvl 9 +100 exp Gandor Quarry
Crimson Raptor lvl 9 +100 exp Ironstar Mountain
Ironstar Bat lvl 10 +120 exp Ironstar Mountain
Ironstar Spindleback lvl 13 +175 exp Ironstar Mountain
Ironstar Golem lvl 18 +385 exp Ironstar Mountain
Ironstar Minotaur (Boss) lvl 20 +3,000 exp Ironstar Mountain
Desert Scorpion lvl 20 +400 exp Duskin Desert
Desert Helios lvl 23 +475 exp Duskin Desert
Desert Cobra lvl 25 +550 exp Duskin Desert
Cactreant lvl 28 +700 exp Duskin Desert
Ancient Spirit lvl 28 +750 exp Forgotten Spire
Desert Roc lvl 30 +800 exp Forgotten Spire
Duskin Devil (Boss) lvl 35 +12,500 exp Duskin Desert
Forgotten Horseman (Boss) lvl 35 +15,000 exp Forgotten Spire
Duskin Skeleton lvl 32 + 1,850 exp Pyramid
Duskin Cyclops lvl 30 + 1,700 exp Pyramid
Desert Mimic lvl 35 + 2,300 exp Pyramid
Duskin Golem lvl 35 + 2,800 exp Pyramid
Earth Elemental lvl 34 + 1,700 exp Pyramid
Typhon (Boss) lvl 40 +33,333 exp Pyramid
Saurtr (Boss) lvl 40 +33,333 exp Pyramid
Delga Tangleroot lvl 30 +1,175 exp Delga Jungle
Venomous Spindleback lvl 33 +1,000 exp Delga Jungle
Nightmare Thresh lvl 40 +1,725 exp Delga Jungle
Delga Slime lvl 37 +1,400 exp Delga Jungle
Delga Thresh lvl 39 +1,600 exp Delga Cave
Tribal Fighter lvl 34 +1,200 exp Delga Cave
Delga Bat lvl 36 +1,250 exp Delga Cave
Tribal Archer lvl 36 +1,250 exp Jungle Temple
Tribal Witchdoctor lvl 38 +1,450 exp Jungle Temple
Tribal Warlord lvl 38 +1,450 exp Jungle Temple
Tribal Guardian lvl 39 +1,850 exp Jungle Temple
Firefly Slime lvl 40 +2,200 exp Firefly Forests

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