Mining is one of the main non-combat skills in Life Forge that focuses on collecting ores and Smithing them into bars, and bars into various pieces of gear. A bar consist of 5 pieces of its ore and is craftable at any Smeltery.

Collectable Ore Tiers
Tier Tier name

Level required


Mining Node Graphic
1 Bronze/Copper


Copper Ore
2 Iron 3
Iron Ore
3 Dunestone 8
Dunestone Ore
4 Biosteel 12
Biosteel ore
5 Starfire 20
Starfire Ore
6 Darksky 25
Darksky Ore-ico

How the skill works

Life Forge - Mining00:33

Life Forge - Mining

A player mining Dunestone in the Desert Area northeast of Armisitin.

To mine, players must equip a pickaxe. Afterwards, they need to find a resource node that has ore available (such as the nodes shown in the table above). A mining node's health will decrease based on what tier the equipped tool is. The higher the tier, the faster the player depletes the resource. A notice will appear over the node saying "Mined it!" when the player obtains the ore, and as such, will receive the appropriate ore for that node. Players must then wait for the node to restore its resources before mining again.

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