Name Monsters Boss
Shoreline Lvl 1-3 No
Gandor No No
Gandor Road No No
Gandor Forest Lvl 3 No
Gandor Meadow Lvl 5 No
Gandor Forest II Lvl 5-7 No
Gandor Quarry No No
Gandor Cave Lvl 9 No
Gandor Road II Lvl 9 No

Mt. Ironstar (add caves)

Name Monsters Boss
Mt. Ironstar Base Lvl 7-9 No
Cursed Crypt Lvl 55? Yes
Mt. Ironstar Lvl 9-13 No
Mt. Ironstar II Lvl 9-13 No
Mt. Ironstar III Lvl 13-15 No


Name Monsters Boss
Armistin Forest 6 No
Armistin River No No
Armistin No No
Conclave No No

Duskin Pyramid

Name Monsters Boss
Duskin Pyramid No No
Duskin Pyramid II No No
Pyramid Depths 30-35 No
Pyramid Depths II 35 No
Pyramid Treasury No Lvl 40

Duskin Desert

Name Monsters Boss
Duskin Desert Lvl 20 No
Duskin Desert II Lvl 20 No
Duskin Crossing No No
Duskin Desert III Lvl 20-23 No
Duskin Desert IV Lvl 23- No
Duskin Pit No Lvl 30
Duskin Desert V Lvl 23-25 No
Duskin Desert VI Lvl 23-25 No
Duskin Desert VII Lvl 25-28 No
Duskin Desert VIII No No
Duskin Desert IX No No

Forgotten Spire

Name Monsters Boss
Forgotten Spire No No
Forgotten Spire II Lvl 28 No
Forgotten Spire III Lvl 30 No
Forgotten Spire IV No Lvl 35

Delga Jungle

Name Monsters Boss
Delga Jungle Lvl 30-35 No
Delga Jungle II Lvl 30-35 No
Delga Jungle III Lvl 30-40 No
Delga Jungle IV Lvl 33-38 No
Delga Cave Lvl [pls add] No

Firefly Forest

Draken Swamp

Marken Island

Emerald Hills

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