The following keybinds are assigned by default. Rebound keys from the options menu may differ.

Basics Edit

Control - This key acts as a form of universal interaction allowing everything from fishing to combat

Spacebar - Picks up items that have been dropped on the ground.

Enter - Allows for typing in chat

Tab - Displays the names of all items on the ground, weapon arts, and health of the player if on a mount.

Chat Functions Edit

F1 - Changes chat mode to global

F2 - Changes chat mode to local

F3 - Changes chat to guild

Quick Access Edit

I - Opens the inventory menu

C - Opens the character information menu

G - Opens guild menu

K - Opens skill chart

Combat Edit

Control - Used to attack a targeted enemy or player.

Q - Target closest mob

E - Target closest player

Z - Self target

R - Uses a weapon art

Mouse 3 - Switches hotbars.

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