James is an NPC in Gandor. He currently has no quests available.

In the depths of the Duskin Pyramid lies a tome of sandstone, bearing a description of a person known as James. This description seems to be a prophecy come true, and reads the following:

James' background is shrouded in mystery, but we know a few things about him. 1. According to in-game dialogue, the trainers in Gandor refuse to train him. 2. According to a statement made by developer SkywardRiver, James is "an adventurer, like you!" The trainers are willing to teach skills to the hundreds of adventurers that wash up on the beach, but they are not willing to train James.

From this we can imply one of two things: It could be that James is not a Page, Hunter, or Magi, but some fourth class, and thus the trainers can't train him. But I believe this to be the less likely of the two possibilities because based on James' dialogue, it sounds as if the trainers refuse to teach him, not that they are unable to. The second possibility is that James is not on good terms with the trainers. I believe this to be the more likely explanation, but the question is: why? Well, we have some other clues. It's not just the trainers who don't like James, it seems that no one in Gandor likes James. Most of the NPCs in Gandor hang out either in the middle of the map, the north end of the map, or by the merchant's shop, but James is the only NPC in the south part of Gandor. Additionally, he does is not found inside his home, but in his yard, with a fence blocking him from the view of the NPCs.

From this we can conclude that he may be trying to hide himself from his neighbors, and for some reason, he cannot go into his house. My theory is that James attempted to perform dark magics in his home in order to gain powers, but failed and instead summoned an eldritch horror. He locked it inside and is hiding in his yard, hoping that the trainers will give him the skills he needs to defeat it, but the trainers have knowledge of his dark practices and therefore refuse to associate with him.

-Kriptini the Foreteller

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