How do I chat? How do I change Channels?Edit

Press Enter, then type.  Default is Global Chat, to change, press F2 for Local Chat (only those on the same map can hear you), and press F3 for Guild Chat (only those in your Guild can hear you).  Press F1 to go back into Global.

How do I whisper?Edit

Press Enter, then type:!PlayerName (Message)

How do I Edit

Press Enter, then type:-emotion

How do I mute the chat?Edit

You can't.

Who's an Admin / Mod?Edit

Skyward Admin2
Admins are identified by their Black playername, and yellow chat messages.
Skyward Admin1
  The Devs you'll most likely see are Skyward, BeNjO (though Nika, Rex, and Zeta are all also devs / Admins)
Mix Mod

Mods are identified by their Green playername, and green chat messages. Currently, the only Mod is Mixxarn.

Player helper

A Player Helper is identified by their Blue playername.  Currently, the only Player Helper is Xuvian.

What's the deal with the other colors?Edit

Purple messages are system messages to announce that a Boss has been killed.

Brown messages are also system messages to announce when someone leveled.

Players that
Player Killer
have red chat messages and red playernames are deemed as Player Killers.  Player Killers need to be killed to remove their color.
Player Killer Name

Founder message
Founder name

Players that have blue chat messages and yellow playernames are Founders.  They helped fund this game.

How do I talk to an NPC?Edit

Chatting to NPCs
Face said NPC, and press Control.  Most NPCs require additional prompts, which you must Left Click with your mouse on the response that has square brackets '[' and ']' around.

How do I equip items?Edit

Open the Inventory (by pressing I or clicking the red chest in the lower right corner), then double click the item you wish to equip

How do I chop trees / pick flowers / mine ores / fish?Edit

You need to equip the appropriate harvesting item first.  Equip a hatchet to chop trees, a sickle to pick flowers, a pickaxe to mine ores, and a fishing rod to fish.

You then need to find the appropriate resource:

Oak tree
This is an example of an Oak Tree, you can use a hatchet to chop this down and get Oak Log.

Sweetbriar plant
This is an example of a Sweetbriar Flower, you can use a sickle to harvest this and get Sweetbriar.

Bronze Deposit
This is an example of a Copper Ore Deposit, you can use a pickaxe to mine this and get Copper Ore.

Fishing Spot
This is an example of a fishing spot.  Just west of Gandor, you can use a fishing rod to catch Sea Skipper.

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