Overview Edit

Hidden in the depths of the Duskin Desert is a shadowed figure ready to attack the unprepared traveller. In order to ensure safety, a lone animated skeleton stands guard, and will not move on until it is proven that the player is worthy. The passage will grant those who enter a chance to slay this shady beast. The player must be level 25 to enter.

Strategies Edit

Here is a list of strategies given by the loving community of Life Forge.

Hunter & Sub-Class Edit

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Page & Sub-Class Edit

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Magi & Sub-Class Edit

Wizard - Those who challenge the Duskin Devil that are of the Wizard Class should make sure their mount is at full HP. Stun spells combined with Water Slash is a good way to dish out some quick damage. The best strategy is to keep a consistent spell usage going throughout all the offensive skills tailored to a players build. Most Magi skills are Int based, however some are will based as well. Overgrowth and Shiver should be used after either stun wears off.

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